Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been super-busy. My Mommy and a Nice Lady have been packing up all of our stuff and I've been helping. That's me making sure that the box is strong enough to hold Mommy's stuff.

The Nice Lady came to visit us for a few days to help Mommy. I like when she visits because she lets me sit on her lap and she scratches my ears. She didn't let me sleep on her feet, though. :( The Nice Lady and Mommy worked really hard, but Mommy says there's still lots to do. There's more than just my food dish to pack. She has to pack my food, the chair I like to sleep on, the laundry I like to sleep on, Spanky's bed, our toys... lots of stuff!

Mommy is too busy packing to play with me as much, but that's okay because playing in boxes is lots of fun! Dante and I spent all day jumping in and out of boxes and exploring box mazes. Plus there's all this crinkly paper laying around that's fun to play pounce with. Dante says he saw a box of little foam bits, but Mommy moved it and we haven't found it again. I hope we do. Foam bits in a box would be super-fun!

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