Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So, I like my person and everything, but she's not very cool. Last night we were in Las Vegas. Sin City! And do you know what she did? She (and TGWWGA) were home in bed by 12:30.

After we got to Vegas, they went out to the casinos. They didn't let me go with them, though. My person said that I wasn't old enough to gamble so they wouldn't let me in. :( Anyway, they had dinner at New York-New York and then wandered around a couple of the other casinos including one that looked like a huge castle! She said they only gambled away a dollar because they couldn't figure out the rules to the slot machines. They should've played poker! I would've played poker if they'd let me come. If dogs can play poker like in that painting than so can cats. :p

They also went to a bar called Coyote Ugly, but they didn't stay long. My person says it was kind of boring. I think if they'd stayed past 12:30 something cool would've happened. Nothing fun happens before midnight.

*sighs* See what I mean? Total losers.

My person says we're almost done with our trip and we will be in California tonight. Yay! I am soooo tired of being in the car.

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