Saturday, December 25, 2010

Presents from Santy Claws

I wasn't sure about this Santa Clause thing. He sees me when I'm sleeping? He knows when I'm awake?! He knows if I've been bad or good?!? This is supposed to be exciting?! Sounds pretty scary to me. O.o

I was getting all worried, but Dante told me not to because Santa only comes down chimneys and we don't have one. I had to take his word for it 'cause I don't know what a chimney is.

But I LOVE getting presents! I thought you all might like getting presents too. So here's some links to funny pet things and the three of us all dressed for the holidays!

Cat vs. Printer

Dogs are silly (not like good kitties)



and Me!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Trouble with Humans

So I imagine you're all wondering what my person has been up to since we last posted. The answer is "the usual." Big surprise there. She reads. She keeps letting TGWWGA hang around. She scratches my ears. But it wouldn't be "the usual" if she didn't find some way to be incredibly dorky. She may have managed to out do herself this time, too. She found out that the author of "The Trouble with Tribbles" was going to be in town for a talk and a book signing. Yay.

Since you probably have a life, you probably don't know what tribbles are or why they'd be trouble. I know I didn't. I still wish I didn't. Spanky says I have to tell you, though, or the post won't make any sense. Anyway, "The Trouble with Tribbles" is an episode of the show Star Trek. It's about a bunch of humans that travel around the galaxy. This sounded like it could be pretty cool at first. There are aliens! And laser pistol things! And space battles! BUT the show's from the 1960s which was forever ago and even with the laser pistol things it's mostly about peace and harmony and making new friends. Only nerds would want to watch something so old and boring.

Oh, and tribbles are these little alien things that pretty much purr. They don't have eyes or do anything. Just purr. And they don't like Klingons. I'm not explaining Klingons no matter what Spanky says.

Despite the obvious nerdiness, my person was ridiculously excited when she heard that this guy was going to be in town. She was so excited that she dropped what she was doing for the day (scratching my ears) so she could go. She says it was a really interesting and he talked about his writing, and that silly space show, and lots of nerds were there. Some of the nerds even dressed up like characters from the show. ><

The talk was at a museum that had a whole exhibit about the space show. A. Whole. Exhibit. Apparently, there are enough nerds to support this kind of thing. They had props and costumes from the show, too. This was very exciting for my person. She told me all about it when she got home. I tried to pretend to be asleep. It did not work.

After the talk, there was a reception that had food and drink like in the show. Spanky says "Ale" is a type of alcohol but my person says that there wasn't any alcohol in the drinks there. Any potential coolness this event might've had just went out the window. Again, my person thought it was exciting and took a picture of it with her friend's stuffed tribble. That's it at the top of the post. The grey thing is a tribble. I guess it looks okay. It could be fun to play with and gnaw on. Oh, now I'm being told it's not a cat toy (even though it looks like a cat toy) because the author signed it. He signed a toy. >< And this made it not a toy.

Oh, and TGWWGA says to tell you all that the sign next to the blue drink should read "Romulan Ale." I didn't think my opinion of him could get any lower, but it just did.