Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm ready for my close up!


I'm a movie star! No, really! Look!


That's me!

When we very first came to California, we stayed with Mommy's aunt and uncle. I don't really remember much cause I spent a lot of time hiding in the corner. I'd been trapped in a car with the Monster for four days! I was traumatized!

Anyway, the reason Mommy's aunt and uncle live in California is cause her aunt works for Dreamworks. She was so impressed by me and my frolicking (and hiding) that she asked Mommy to send her pictures and videos of me for a project her company was working on. I did my best to be adorable.


It had a very silly name- Shrek: The Final Chapter. What kind of a name is Shrek? Maybe it's a type of food? I wonder if it's yummy?

O.o Dante just said that Shrek is a monster. And not a sometimes-okay monster like our Monster but a real one! Eeek!


*peeks out from around the corner* Is it safe to come out now?

The Shrek movies all have a really cool cat character. He has boots! And a hat! And a Spanish accent! So cool! Why don't they name the movie after him instead of the monster? Who wants to go see a movie about a big, green ogre? Cats are much nicer and less scary. *nod nod nod*

For the new movie, the Dreamworks people wanted there to be even more of Puss in Boots to love. Just like me! And now he's on movie posters and commercials and the Internet and I'm famous! The first time Mommy saw the movie trailer on the television she picked me up so I could see it, too. He even has to roll around before he gets up like I do!


Mommy says that we're not sure how much of the stuff we sent they actually used and we didn't really send that much. They probably had pictures and stuff of other cats, too. But I don't care. Without me he would not be nearly as awesome. I'm a movie star!

I didn't go the premier cause Mommy said they wouldn't let her smuggle me in. But she wouldn't have had to smuggle me! Just hold me up next to the poster and they'd realize I was in the movie. I didn't know about the monster part, though, so maybe it's a good thing I didn't go. I would've been too scared. But you should all go! It may have a monster but it also has a cat with sword and boots and looks like me!