Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Made It!

We have finally arrived in California after six very long days in the automobile. As we arrived ahead of schedule, we were unable to gain access to our new dwelling. It is my understanding that even if we were able to take up residence immediately, the power has not yet been switched on. Apparently, humans need an electric light source in order to function at night.

We are spending the evening with yet another one of Jennifer's relatives. She does seem to have quite a few of them and they are not gathered in any one geographic location like a sensible family. This particular set (her uncle, aunt, and their two children) is quite a likable bunch, however. I am far too old to play with young ones, or I might seriously consider staying with them. They do not seem the type to threaten to lock cats in their carriers at the slightest provocation. Perhaps we can leave Jennifer here and Jason and I will continue on to our new home? While my human can usually be persuaded to see reason, I think that in this case he will insist on taking Jennifer with us. 


So, I like my person and everything, but she's not very cool. Last night we were in Las Vegas. Sin City! And do you know what she did? She (and TGWWGA) were home in bed by 12:30.

After we got to Vegas, they went out to the casinos. They didn't let me go with them, though. My person said that I wasn't old enough to gamble so they wouldn't let me in. :( Anyway, they had dinner at New York-New York and then wandered around a couple of the other casinos including one that looked like a huge castle! She said they only gambled away a dollar because they couldn't figure out the rules to the slot machines. They should've played poker! I would've played poker if they'd let me come. If dogs can play poker like in that painting than so can cats. :p

They also went to a bar called Coyote Ugly, but they didn't stay long. My person says it was kind of boring. I think if they'd stayed past 12:30 something cool would've happened. Nothing fun happens before midnight.

*sighs* See what I mean? Total losers.

My person says we're almost done with our trip and we will be in California tonight. Yay! I am soooo tired of being in the car.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monsters Do Go to California!

Well, at least they go to Colorado. We even went to his den! It was very scary! I managed to get a picture of it, though. That's it right there. I thought caves only had one entrance, but the Monster's cave had two entrances. Mommy says it wasn't a cave at all. She said it was a "tunnel" named "Eisenhower." Maybe the Monster's name is Eisenhower?

Today we finally left the really boring flat place called Nebraska and went to Colorado. Colorado is way cooler! There were mountains and streams and clouds and tunnel-caves! We stopped and visited Mommy's cousin in Denver. The bed in her spare room made a great hiding place. It took Mommy, her cousin, and the Monster to move the bed and get me. After we got done playing, we went for a drive in the mountains. We went up and down and around curves, just like a roller-coaster! Anytime any of the other cars misbehaved, my Mommy told them that they should look at where her license plate was from and count their blessings that she wasn't "swerving erratically while driving 35 in the left lane." My Mommy is a very good driver, and she definitely wasn't swerving, erratically or otherwise.

I'm getting tired of being in the car. It would be so bad except Spanky is in a really bad mood. He's always yelling and he's mad at Mommy. We're almost to California, though. Tonight we're in Utah and tomorrow we'll be in someplace called Vegas. Hopefully Spanky and Mommy won't get in another fight. Spanky thinks he'd win, but I'm not so sure. :/

Sunday, September 7, 2008

She Lied!

A "Valium" is exactly like an automobile. She only told me we'd be traveling by "Valium" to lure me into a false sense of complacency. Needless to say that this trip has not gone well thus far. If it were not for my readers, I would discontinue writing this blog simply to spite Jennifer.

The first evening was made at least minimally tolerable by a visit to my old stomping grounds outside of Lansing. Unfortunatly, at what I am sure was that woman's doing, I was confined to a room for the duration of our stay. She made no attempt to hide her guilt with an excuse, saying that I would "run off" if I was left to roam free. Would such an action be surprising give the circumstances? The next day found us all trapped in a automobile for several hours at a stretch. And to add insult to injury, when I objected to this state of affairs, she had the audacity to threaten to lock me in my cat carrier!

I will admit that today went slightly better than the previous two, something that I am sure I have my human, Jason, to thank for. He arranged for Jennifer to drive the automobile while he and I shared a seat. He listened to my concerns quite attentively and explained that Jennifer is determined to go to California via automobile and we both know how she can be when she is in that state. He was able to arrange for me to ride more comfortably, and I was finally able to take a brief rest. I have decided to carry on as best I can under these distressing circumstances.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We're on Our Way!

Short post tonight, everyone. I am soooooo tired. After my person and a bunch of other people put all of our stuff on a truck, we all went to Spanky's old house. Spanky said that it used to be TGWWGA's house, too. I figured we were going to drop them both off there, but no luck. TGWWGA is still with us. :(

Tonight we are all in Illinois. Spanky has been in a bad mood all day. Something about "this valium being exactly like a car." Edmund is kind of scared, but he's kind of scared of everything, so I'm not too worried. I will write a better post tomorrow when I'm not so tired. Moving is hard work!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Certainly Have My Work Cut Out for Me

While I stated in a previous post that it is unnecessary for the feline members of the household to concern themselves with moving preparations, I was ill-prepared for the amount of chaos that my humans could cause while packing. Look at that mess! I am afraid that I have had to take them firmly in hand and personally supervise the remainder of the process. I am getting ahead of myself, however. I shall begin at the beginning.

On Sunday night we were joined by Jennifer's mother, a charming woman named Bethanie. It appears that Jennifer must have inherited her head-strong nature from her father as I found Bethanie most agreeable. But I digress. All three humans quickly got to work packing. Things started off quite well as Bethanie and Jennifer brought in boxes and assorted other supplies, and Jason set up shop on the couch preparing his toy soldiers for departure.

That should have been my first clue that something was amiss. Anything that involves his soldiers (which he calls by the preposterous name of "Warhammer Forty Kay"), invariably consumes a great deal of space and makes a dreadful mess. Jennifer and Bethanie quickly added to the chaos by moving things around, stacking boxes in odd places, and creating a great racket by rustling papers and taping boxes closed.

I found a vantage point from which I could survey the scene and quickly came to the conclusion that my organizational powers were desperately needed. I found that it was necessary to make frequent inspections of the humans' progress as well as giving them clear, detailed instructions. I am proud to say, however, that I have been rewarded for my efforts. The packing has continued, but the chaos has largely been contained.

Jennifer has just informed me that Bethanie and my old chum Bob (Jason's father) will be joining us tomorrow to finish preparing for our departure. I fear that, with this many humans about, things will quickly get out of hand again. A feline's work is never done.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been super-busy. My Mommy and a Nice Lady have been packing up all of our stuff and I've been helping. That's me making sure that the box is strong enough to hold Mommy's stuff.

The Nice Lady came to visit us for a few days to help Mommy. I like when she visits because she lets me sit on her lap and she scratches my ears. She didn't let me sleep on her feet, though. :( The Nice Lady and Mommy worked really hard, but Mommy says there's still lots to do. There's more than just my food dish to pack. She has to pack my food, the chair I like to sleep on, the laundry I like to sleep on, Spanky's bed, our toys... lots of stuff!

Mommy is too busy packing to play with me as much, but that's okay because playing in boxes is lots of fun! Dante and I spent all day jumping in and out of boxes and exploring box mazes. Plus there's all this crinkly paper laying around that's fun to play pounce with. Dante says he saw a box of little foam bits, but Mommy moved it and we haven't found it again. I hope we do. Foam bits in a box would be super-fun!