Monday, September 8, 2008

Monsters Do Go to California!

Well, at least they go to Colorado. We even went to his den! It was very scary! I managed to get a picture of it, though. That's it right there. I thought caves only had one entrance, but the Monster's cave had two entrances. Mommy says it wasn't a cave at all. She said it was a "tunnel" named "Eisenhower." Maybe the Monster's name is Eisenhower?

Today we finally left the really boring flat place called Nebraska and went to Colorado. Colorado is way cooler! There were mountains and streams and clouds and tunnel-caves! We stopped and visited Mommy's cousin in Denver. The bed in her spare room made a great hiding place. It took Mommy, her cousin, and the Monster to move the bed and get me. After we got done playing, we went for a drive in the mountains. We went up and down and around curves, just like a roller-coaster! Anytime any of the other cars misbehaved, my Mommy told them that they should look at where her license plate was from and count their blessings that she wasn't "swerving erratically while driving 35 in the left lane." My Mommy is a very good driver, and she definitely wasn't swerving, erratically or otherwise.

I'm getting tired of being in the car. It would be so bad except Spanky is in a really bad mood. He's always yelling and he's mad at Mommy. We're almost to California, though. Tonight we're in Utah and tomorrow we'll be in someplace called Vegas. Hopefully Spanky and Mommy won't get in another fight. Spanky thinks he'd win, but I'm not so sure. :/

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