Monday, May 14, 2012


First, you should know that Mommy's friends from Michigan came to visit us in April. They were very nice. Well, Mommy's one friend was nice but the other friend was a monster. Why are there so many monsters?!?! It was very scary and I spent lots of time hiding under the bed. But, they went on lots and lots and LOTS of adventures while they were here. It's going to take us awhile to tell you about all of them. Mommy said I could go first and I picked Disneyland! The happiest place on earth!

Sometimes Mommy gets a little carried away when she has the camera and will take pictures of silly things. She thinks the polite trash can is really funny. I don't know why, but humans can be weird sometimes. Even my Mommy.

But they did a lot more than take pictures of trash cans. That would be too silly even for humans. They went on a ride that had a dinosaur. See!

No, not the train! The dinosaur. It's down on the right. It looks angry and everything! Spanky says it's not a real dinosaur and even it was it's just a dinosaur skeleton but I don't know... Look at those teeth! They're bigger than me!

They also went on a ride where you had to shoot aliens with a laser gun. Aliens!!! O.o So scary! Why are there scary aliens at someplace that's supposed to be happy? Maybe the happy part is getting to shoot the aliens? I guess that makes sense. I still think it would be happier without aliens in the first place... At the end of the ride, you got a score based on how many aliens you lasered and the Monster got WAY more points than my Mommy did.

Mommy's Score
The Monster's Score....

Even aliens are afraid of Monsters....

Then, they went on a submarine ride. I don't know why anybody would want to get inside something that goes under the water. What if it started leaking? Then you'd be all wet! I fell in the bathtub once when Mommy was taking a shower and it was not fun at all!

That's way more water than a bathtub. Don't let those birds fool you. Birds have wings so they don't fall in the water when they slip. Also, only one of those birds is real.

One last picture before I go:

Giant mice! I am not afraid of mice but mice are afraid of me. Even giant mice would be afraid of me if I pounced on them! *nod nod nod* Once I knocked them down, I could sit on them. I didn't get to try my giant mouse tackling skills this time but next time they go I'm making Mommy take me.

As long as the Monster doesn't go too.

And there's no water rides.
Or dinosaur rides.
Or anything scary.

I just want to chase the mice. :D

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Spanky!

Spanky had a birthday! He's 17! That's like super-old for a cat, but I guess Spanky is special. He was already special 'cause he has extra toes and he lets me sleep on him, but now he's even specialer. :D I know he looks grumpy in the picture, but he had a very nice birthday. We all sang to him and he got a cupcake. Well, he didn't get to eat the cupcake because cupcakes aren't for cats, but he did get some tuna fish. I wonder why nobody gave him a tuna fish cupcake? That way he could have his cupcake and eat it, too!

Ever since his birthday, Spanky has been going to the vet a lot. I'm not sure what for, but he's always very grumpy when he gets back. Spanky and Mommy had lots of arguments about going to the vet (Mommy won those) and when it was okay to bite people (Spanky won those). Spanky says that if she stopped taking him to the vet, he'd stop biting people. Seems like a good idea to me, but Mommy was worried about him and so she made him go. But now he's doing much better. Yay! He even gets special cat food that Mommy made just for him. It smells really yummy and sometimes she lets me have some once Spanky's finished. I'd tell her I want my very own homemade cat food, but then she might take me to the vet with Spanky. I don't like the vet. It's scary! O.o

Dante and me had to help Mommy and the Monster take care of Spanky so we didn't get to blog very much in April. We wanted to, but we were just too busy. We went on lots of adventures before Spanky got sick and now that he's feeling better we get to write about them. It's very exciting!

[Editor's Note: Spanky is doing quite well for a cat his age, but he's developed a few conditions that needed regular treatment at the vet's office. He's improved considerably and the vet expects him to keep trying to bite her for quite awhile yet.]