Sunday, August 16, 2009


So this happened quite a few weeks ago, but it is probably the least dorky thing my person has done the entire time we've lived here and I'm going to blog about it even if it has been awhile.

Back in June, a friend of my person's came to visit us. I remember her from Ohio, but after she got done with school she moved to Chicago. Chicago! The lights! The music! The nightlife! This already made her pretty cool in my book. My person, like the total dork she is, wanted to hang out around here. Here is pretty cool and everything, much better than Ohio, but my person's friend (who is named Emily, btw) realized that we were only an hour a way from L.A. and insisted that they spend some time in the city. I've been saying that for months but my person finally listened to reason and agreed to Emily's plan. Yay!

They spent the first day going to shops on Melrose and Sunset Blvds. My person didn't buy anything but that's ok because she actually went to Melrose and Sunset! So cool! A few days later they drove around Beverly Hills and Belle Aire and even went to Rodeo Drive. They didn't do any shopping, though, partly because TTGWWGA was with them and he doesn't like shopping. Emily had never seen the ocean before, so they also went to the beach which isn't nearly as cool. I know it's Southern California and that's a big thing to do here, but I don't really get what's such a big deal about a lot sand and water. I've got sand in my litter box and it smells funny and the less said about large bodies of water the better.

They wrapped things up by going to a live show in downtown LA. Emily picked the band out. I hadn't heard of it before, but she played me some of her music while she was here and it was all pretty cool. Way better than the stuff my person listens to.

After Emily left, my person hasn't gone to the city again (big surprise) but apparently she's meeting some of her (apparently much cooler) grad school friends downtown for dinner and drinks next week. Maybe there's hope for her yet.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I forgot to include this pic in my post yesterday. I must still be getting over being abandoned. QQ

Anyway, my Mommy's Mommy is a very talented artist and she drew this picture (there's a bigger one below) to decorate the Children's Room at the library she works at. Normally I'm scared of dragons, but this seems like a nice dragon. Come to think of it, he looks a bit scared himself. Cool! I have something in common with a dragon! I wonder if he likes having his tummy rubbed too? It's time for my second afternoon nap! ttyl!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

She Left Me!

Even the Monster left me! Well, maybe that's not such a bad thing.... But, still! Mommy left me! She did come back. Eventually. Doesn't matter. I was left all alone! Except for Dante and Spanky. But they don't scratch my ears and they're not Mommy! *pouts*

Deep breath. Start at the beginning.

The Monster's brother was getting married (Monster's have brothers?!?) and so he went back to Michigan where we used to live for the wedding. It was just us and Mommy. Yay! I got lots of cuddles and snuggles and sitting on the Monster's chair (I'm a brave kitty!). Then Mommy left for work and didn't come home for four whole days! Apparently, she had to leave right from work to catch her plane. But why didn't she take me with her? Oh right. I don't like things that go "whoosh" and Mommy says planes do that. Well, why couldn't she stay, then? Monsters' brothers' wedding can't be better than me, right? ;-(

Mommy says the wedding was lovely and the bride and the groom were very happy. Which is good I guess. My Mommy looked pretty awesome, too. That's a picture of her with the Monster's sister (Monster's have sisters too?!?). She looks nice. Definitely not scary like the Monster. Mommy says the Monster looked very handsome all dressed up for the wedding but I'm not going to post any pictures of him because I'm not that brave of a kitty. Mommy also got to see her family and sleep in her old room. Which is also nice but it would've been much nicer if I was there to frolic and get cat hair all over things and meow randomly. It sounds like her family is going to come visit us in California soon. Maybe we could work out a deal where they stay here and we send the Monster back there?

The Wedding Party