Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Certainly Have My Work Cut Out for Me

While I stated in a previous post that it is unnecessary for the feline members of the household to concern themselves with moving preparations, I was ill-prepared for the amount of chaos that my humans could cause while packing. Look at that mess! I am afraid that I have had to take them firmly in hand and personally supervise the remainder of the process. I am getting ahead of myself, however. I shall begin at the beginning.

On Sunday night we were joined by Jennifer's mother, a charming woman named Bethanie. It appears that Jennifer must have inherited her head-strong nature from her father as I found Bethanie most agreeable. But I digress. All three humans quickly got to work packing. Things started off quite well as Bethanie and Jennifer brought in boxes and assorted other supplies, and Jason set up shop on the couch preparing his toy soldiers for departure.

That should have been my first clue that something was amiss. Anything that involves his soldiers (which he calls by the preposterous name of "Warhammer Forty Kay"), invariably consumes a great deal of space and makes a dreadful mess. Jennifer and Bethanie quickly added to the chaos by moving things around, stacking boxes in odd places, and creating a great racket by rustling papers and taping boxes closed.

I found a vantage point from which I could survey the scene and quickly came to the conclusion that my organizational powers were desperately needed. I found that it was necessary to make frequent inspections of the humans' progress as well as giving them clear, detailed instructions. I am proud to say, however, that I have been rewarded for my efforts. The packing has continued, but the chaos has largely been contained.

Jennifer has just informed me that Bethanie and my old chum Bob (Jason's father) will be joining us tomorrow to finish preparing for our departure. I fear that, with this many humans about, things will quickly get out of hand again. A feline's work is never done.

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