Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Made It!

We have finally arrived in California after six very long days in the automobile. As we arrived ahead of schedule, we were unable to gain access to our new dwelling. It is my understanding that even if we were able to take up residence immediately, the power has not yet been switched on. Apparently, humans need an electric light source in order to function at night.

We are spending the evening with yet another one of Jennifer's relatives. She does seem to have quite a few of them and they are not gathered in any one geographic location like a sensible family. This particular set (her uncle, aunt, and their two children) is quite a likable bunch, however. I am far too old to play with young ones, or I might seriously consider staying with them. They do not seem the type to threaten to lock cats in their carriers at the slightest provocation. Perhaps we can leave Jennifer here and Jason and I will continue on to our new home? While my human can usually be persuaded to see reason, I think that in this case he will insist on taking Jennifer with us. 

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