Thursday, August 28, 2008

Please Inform me When my "Valium" is Ready

I see that my housemate, Dante, has been relating his experiences with the process of packing up our belongings. He appears to be enjoying himself which is why I have refrained from mentioning that he is expending effort unnecessarily. It has been my experience that when humans decide to change domiciles, the best thing for the feline members of the household to do is to take a nap. Let the humans bustle about preparing their belongings for transportation; it was their decision to change dwellings after all. I have moved with Jason on previous occasions and let me assure you that he is quite adept at seeing to my needs. Since we will be traveling by "Valium" instead of by automobile, I see no need to concern myself with the moving arrangements.

I did get quite a chuckle out of Dante's photograph of himself inside of a moving container, especially since he confided to me that he entered it voluntarily. I am afraid that sometimes his enthusiasm for exploration gets the better of him. I have spent many years convincing Jason, and later Jennifer, that cats simply do not belong in boxes. I had to be quite insistent about it, even going so far as to create something of a fuss when such a procedure was attempted. I appear to have finally broken my humans of that bad habit, however, as it has been some time since they attempted to confine me within a cat carrier.

At any rate, I am confidant that once they are doing preparing for our departure, they will know where to locate me.

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