Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hello and welcome to the blog "To Say Nothing of the Cat." Jennifer has requested that I participate in this blog in order to share my reflections of our upcoming transcontinental trek. She also threatened to pack me in one of the boxes if I failed to comply.

Allow me to take a few moments to introduce myself. My full name is Percy Sheldon Montgomery, but my friends call me Spanky; a nickname bestowed upon me by my human, Jason, when I was but a kitten. I lived with Jason and his family for many years prior to joining him and Jennifer in their new home. My relationship with Jennifer has been contentious on occasion as we are both very determined individuals. Recently, however, we have come to an understanding of sorts and are now able to peaceably cohabitate.

In addition to the humans, I also share my home with two other felines. Dante can occasionally be tiresome, but he is young and high-spirited and will likely settle down as he matures. Edmund is a fun-loving kitten who I think looks up to me as something of an older brother. He can be a tad anxious and prone to worrying about minor thing, but I hope that through my example he learns to face the world more confidently.

It is my understanding that we will be traveling by automobile on this journey. I sincerely hope this is not the case as I detest them. When I inquired of Jennifer regarding our method of transportation, she reassured me that all would be well. Apparently we are traveling by means of something called "Valium." She declined to elaborate on what a "Valium" was but assured me that I would be most comfortable on our trip.

I look forward to sharing this trip with all of you.


Felinity said...

You say Valium, right? Don't worry, humans travel on this one, too. You'll be fine, Spanky :)

Spanky said...

How kind of you to comment! So you have experience with this "Valium" contraption, then? Any suggestions for making the most of the experience?

Felinity said...

Just... sleep if you feel like sleeping. I have no personal experience, just my person told me how it works. She is wise, my person, you know. I do believe her.

Spanky said...

Thank you for the suggestion. I look forward to seeing what type of device a "Valium" is.