Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hey. My person says I should introduce myself to everyone. *shrugs* If it’s that big of deal…

My name is Dante and live in Ohio with my person, 2 other cats (Edmund and Spanky), and That Guy Who Won't Go Away (TGWWGA). Ohio’s okay, I guess. There are birds outside the window to watch and my person is here to scratch my ears. We won’t be living here much longer because we’re moving to someplace called California. My person wants me to write about the move and everything. Something about “sharing the experience with friends and family.” *rolls eyes* You know how humans can be. She gives me wet food twice a day, though, so I guess I can do this blog-thing if that's what she really wants.

Oh, right, introductions. I am 4 years old and I've lived with my person since I was a kitten. That's a picture of us up at the top. You can look at my profile pic to find out what I look like now. Edmund and I are best friends. A lot of people say he’s a scaredy-cat, but he’s always up for a game of chase and tackle so I can’t complain. Spanky and I are not cool. He always takes TGWWGA 's side and he thinks he’s smarter than me.

I’m pretty excited about this move to California. My person says there will be birds there and I’m hoping that the birds will be inside the house instead of outside like they are now. That would be pretty cool. I wonder if TGWWGA is coming with us? I hope not.

Well, I hope you all enjoy reading this blog. I think Spanky and Edmund are going to post too. It should be pretty interesting.


Felinity said...

Hi, this is Bernie posting from the computer of my person - Felinity. I sooo totally know what you mean about this TGWWGA. I have one too, but I use him to feed me and rub my ears. He must be scared of me for he obeys and feeds me whenever I want. Well, almost whenever. Well, when he's at home ans has time. Anyway, he feeds me. But everything was so different with me and my person living by ourselves.
Anyway, I'll be reading you, and maybe my cohabitant, Migotka, will join too. Good luck and take care!

Dante said...

Hey, Bernie. Thanks for reading my blog and its good to hear that someone else has a TGWWGA. Mine isn't as good as obeying as yours 'cause he's always staring at his computer. My person says the computer's name is World of Warcraft. *shrugs* Whatever.

You should totally get Migotka to read this. It's going to be awesome.