Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hi! My name is Edmund and I am a cat. I live with my Mommy, Dante, Spanky and the Monster in a house in Ohio. Really! A monster! A very scary one! Dante doesn't like him either. Spanky will sit right next to him, though. He says that the Monster isn't scary at all and if I didn't hide under the bed every time the Monster came home I'd get my ears scratched. I usually trust what Spanky says, but not when it comes to the Monster. He can't eat me if I'm under the bed. *nod nod nod*

Mommy says I should stop talking about the Monster and introduce myself. :p

I really like the house we live in because it has my food dish and nice places to sleep. We won't be living in Ohio much longer, though, because we are going to move to someplace called California. My Mommy says not to be nervous about moving, but I am not nervous at all. I am a brave kitty! Well, I'm a brave kitty when there's no Monster. Monsters don't go to California, right?

Spanky is my big brother and he takes care of me. He lets me sleep on him sometimes and helps make sure my fur is nice and pretty. Dante and I are BFFs (that means Best Friends Forever). That's a picture of us up there. I'm the grey one. :) Dante and I play together all the time. We play chase. We play pounce. We play sleep on Mommy's homework. My Mommy is the best! She feeds me and plays with me and scratches my tummy. She won't let me have any of Dante's wet food, though. I don't know why. Maybe she doesn't see me sitting right where the plate with the food on it goes? Maybe I need to frolic more while she's doing it...

I hope you like my blog!

My Mommy also says that if I meow all the way to California, I will have something to be nervous about. O.o


Felinity said...

This is just a quick 'hello' from Bernie and Mogotka and their person - Felinity :)

Edmund said...

Hi Bernie and Mogotka and Felinity the person! Thank you for reading my blog! :D

Felinity said...

Oh, sorry, I misspelled the name of my cohabitant - the keyboard is not so easy to use, you know. It's Migotka, not Mogotka. She'll bite me on my rear if she sees that :]

Edmund said...

Opps! Sorry, Migotka. These keyboards can't be pretty hard to use. My mommy has to help me mine sometimes.