Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's a bird! It's a plane!

Greetings, all! I'm told that unexpected hiatuses are "the thing" in the blogging world so I won't apologize for ours. In any event, I'm sure you all know how these things are. One just gets so busy stalking other members of the household, practicing nocturnal sprints down the hallway, mauling the ankles of unsuspecting passersby.... You add blogging to the mix and what do you have? A very full schedule, that's what!

While I'm quite sure that you'd all love to hear about my escapades in and around the old homestead, I'm told by my co-authors that these posts are supposed to be about the going on's of the rest of the household. Quite a silly notion, if you ask me. If they want blog posts about their activities, they should write a blog of their own! It's only sensible. However, as I am the most junior member of the writing staff I must accept that some of my assignments will be assigned rather than chosen. Ah well, such is life.

Today, I've been asked to write about Jason's recent adventures in an aeroplane. One thing I quickly learned about Jason is that he is enraptured by aeroplanes. Our home is filled with books about the art of aviation and models of historic aircraft (which are, apparently, not for kittens to play with). Last fall, Jennifer spotted an advertisement for flight lessons at a local airport. Knowing Jason's love of all things aeronautical, she arranged for him to have an introductory lesson. You can imagine his delight! When the big day came, he was giddy with excitement.

After an introduction to the aircraft, and under the watchful eyes of the instructor, Jason took control of the aircraft and quickly proved himself a natural.

As the airport was located near the Pacific Ocean, they were able to enjoy lovely views of the mountains and the shoreline.

They even flew by Disneyland. Many of you undoubtedly remember Edmund's earlier entry about the family's trip to the happiest place on Earth.

Soon, they came to Catalina Island and Jason took them for an aerial spin around the rocky isle.

Quite lovely, isn't it? Aside from all the water, that is. 

I am told that he is now pestering Jennifer for even more flight lessons. Perhaps next time I will be able to act as his copilot!

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