Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We moved again! Again!

A long time ago, we started this blog about moving to California. That was pretty cool. We even went to Vegas! No Vegas on this trip but at least we didn't have to spend a week in the car again so I guess that's okay

Even though we stayed in Riverside for four whole years, we normally move a lot. Like all the time. And always for school. My person is so weird. Why would you move to go to school?!? And now she has TGWWGA moving us for school, too! Last year, TGWWGA got into law school. Which was kind of cool. I guess. I really only noticed because he was gone a lot more. Which was awesome! Less time ignoring him and more time getting my belly rubbed by my person!

I was a happy kitty! Apparently, TGWWGA wasn't. *rolls eyes* He had to drive a really long way to get to school. I didn't mind, but I guess he did. He finally convinced my person that we needed to move closer to his school. My person didn't want to move because then she would have to drive a long way to get to her school. Just not going to school didn't occur to them. Sigh. Anyway, they compromised. My person still has to drive a long way but not as far as TGWWGA did. She's not home as much to scratch my ears, but this new place is pretty cool.

Oh, right. I'm supposed to tell you about the move. Well, there were a lot of boxes. So many boxes....

And of course they're full of books. *rolls eyes*

TGWWGA's parents came to help us put everything in boxes. They were okay. I mean, they're related to TGWWGA. That's a negative right there. But they were good at putting things in boxes and scratching my ears, so I guess it could've been worse.

They day we moved was SO hot. Like crazy hot. I would've helped even though it was hot but my person sent me and Edmund to spend the day with some friends. I stayed with them last Christmas and they're awesome! They have a lot of books so they're nerds like my person, but they're still really cool. They had a Christmas tree and they played with me and they let me sleep on things and gave me lots of treats! I was super excited to see them again even if there wasn't a Christmas tree this time. Edmund was scared (of course) and hid.

I tried to tell him it was okay, but then I realized that I didn't have to share my treats with him if he was hiding under the table. :D

When my person finally came and got us, we were all excited about our visit with her friends. We told her all about it while she was driving. Edmund sat on her lap so I had to stand on her arms to tell her all the things we did while she was moving all those boxes of books. She was thrilled. Or something. It was probably thrilled. *nod nod*

Anyway, our new place is pretty cool. It doesn't have a patio but it does have hard floors. I love running up and down them in the middle of the night! Sometimes my person gets out of bed to chase me! :D

We live closer to L.A. now so hopefully we'll have even more adventures!

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