Friday, September 21, 2012

In Memoriam

Although this blog has gone on unexpected hiatuses in the past, this one was not due to busy schedules. As we related in the last post, Spanky had been experiencing health problems. He seemed to be improving, but he took a sudden turn for the worse at the end of May. He passed away peacefully on June 1, curled up with Jason on the grass. He had lived with Jason for 17 years and the rest of the family for most of a decade. We all miss him terribly. After a lot of thought, Dante and Edmund have decided to continue with the blog. Spanky always loved writing for it and they want to continue it in his honor. If you have any memories of Spanky you’d like to share, please leave a comment. He was a great cat and I know he’ll be missed. 

I’m never very good at this stuff… but Spanky always liked writing so I’ll try to do this right for him. I was just a kitten when I met Spanky. He was older and more serious, and sometimes I didn’t like it when he lectured me. He could be grumpy at times, especially when I tackled him or didn’t listen, but he always took care of me. He taught me how to clean my fur and how to get better at stalking. I’m all grown up now but I still liked to get his advice on stuff ‘cause he knew all sorts of things. I really miss talking to him. He’d want me to be all responsible now ‘cause he’s not here to take care of Edmund and TGWWGA. I won’t ever be as good at it as he was, but I know he’d want me to try my best. He was the best mentor a cat could have.

Spanky always protected me from scary stuff. He’d let me sleep with him so I wouldn’t have nightmares and he’d yell at the vet and keep the Monster distracted and chase away anything bad. He’d even take on the vacuum cleaner! Now that’s brave! I’m trying to be brave just like he was. The Monster really misses Spanky so I’ve been cuddling with him to make him feel better. Even though he’s the Monster, he loved Spanky too so he must be okay. I still get sad sometimes when I see Spanky’s bed is empty but Mommy says to think about all the good times we had with him and then I feel better. He was the best biggest brother ever!

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