Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Every Vote Counts

Jason and Jennifer frequently discuss politics. It seems to be quite a hobby of theirs. Until now, I had largely remained aloof from the discussion because so few candidates seemed concerned about issues important to felines. Namely, increased access to tuna fish and the ability to come and go as we please.

However, it has recently come to my attention that there is finally a politician we can all get behind: Hank. Like myself, Hank was born to a single mother. He had to work hard to get where he is today and can relate to people from all walks of life. He's concerned with making the world a better place for both cats and humans. I think we can all agree that humans seem utterly unable to properly manage their own affairs so I'm glad he is concerned with their welfare. Hank is clearly the most qualified (and charismatic!) of the Senate candidates.

Some people, however, appear to be blind to Hank's qualities. They've even created an attack ad in which they call him a "fat cat." Firstly, Hank is not fat. Secondly, based on my experiences with my portly companion, Edmund, being fat is not a disqualification for office. If anything, it enhances the candidates physical presence. You only tangle with a large, angry cat once!

Now, some of you might be concerned that a feline is not qualified to run for Senate. But I'm sure if you think about the situation more deeply, you'll come to realize that a cat is the best person for the job. I've heard people of all political outlooks refer to the current crop of Senators as "rats." Everyone knows that the best cure for a rat infestation is to send a cat in. I'm sure Hank will have the place in tip-top condition in no time and be able to turn his attention to more important matters such as unemployment and increased tuna fish production.

Unfortunately, I can't vote for Hank as my residence is in California and not in Virgina where Hank is running for the US Senate. However, I encourage our Virginia readers to vote for Hank on November 6th and for the rest of our readers to get the word out about this wonderful candidate.

Vote for Hank!

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