Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Well this is a pleasent surprise!

After my post about Hank's campaign, I asked Jennifer to send him a link to my entry. After all, we felines must stick together! Given how busy Hank and his staff must be on his campaign, I didn't expect a rely. Today, however, Jennifer called me to the computer to show me that Hank's team had responded with a personalized note. How very thoughtful of them!

Here is the message:

Hi Jennifer!

Thanks so much for your kind words! Hank was very impressed with the post regarding his campaign, Spanky is quite a orator himself! Hank especially enjoyed the part about being large simply enhancing the candidates physical presence - while Hank is not overweight, he will definitely remember that the next time a reporter brings up the 'fat cat' issue!

Hank is very much humbled by the outpouring of support from across the country, and he wants to remind Dante and Spanky both that even the smallest kitten can change the world!


Matthew O'Leary

Campaign Manager for Hank for Senate 2012

Although it appears Mr. O'Leary missed Edmund's contributions to this blog, I'm sure that Hank noticed my young friend's posts. All in all, it's a very kind of them to send us such a delightful message. Vote Hank!

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