Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Other Cool Cats

The cool cat would be me. *nod nod*

So lots of my person's family came to visit us this summer. They weren't really visiting us specifically, more like visiting Southern California. Which is good because we don't have room for that many people and I hate giving up my room. While they were here, they went on all sorts of adventures. Finally! Usually more of my person's relatives means more dorkiness but this time they actually did cool stuff. My person says that there's enough stories that us three have to share. Whatever. Edmund is ridiculously excited about his post. Something about a really big fish.

Anyway, one of their adventures was going to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Usually, I don't like these types of things because they're educational, but this place was pretty cool. There's the usual stuff like lions:


I totally got my napping technique from them. My person also has this thing about ugly birds.


Apparently, these are super-endangered or something.

But the hands-down coolest part was a bus trip through this big open-air exhibit. The animals aren't in cages. They're just roaming with around each other like animals are supposed to. They do keep the eaters separate from the eaten, which is probably a good idea. This guy is a great big rhino and he's totally letting a antelope looking thing push him around!


Edmund tries to do that sometimes with our food bowl and I just ignore him. Dude! You're like four times his size! You can take him!

There was lots of other cool stuff, too! Like gorillas with wigs:


And baby elephants. My person thought they were adorable. I think they're funny looking.


So, way less lame than usual. She'll probably spend the next three months inside just to make up for it. *rolls eyes*

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