Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here fishy, fishy, fishy...


Look it how big that fish is! And that's just it's back! Whoa! I like to eat fishies, especially the kind that comes in a can, but I think maybe this fish could eat me. O.o

Spanky says that it isn't a fish. He says it's a whale and it most definitely does not eat kitties. I don't know, though. It lives in the water and has fins and a tail and last time I checked that's what fishies have. Also, it has to eat something. It's not going to live off of little flakes like the goldfish we had did. Dante just told me that I don't have to worry cause we're too far away from the water to worry about any fish that doesn't come in a can. Yay! Tuna fish! :D

Oh right. I'm supposed to be posting about the not-fish.

So, to see the big not-fish, Mommy and her family had to go on the ocean in a boat. I don't know why they wanted to go near that much water but sometimes humans are strange like that (even my Mommy). They wanted to see a whale but whales don't always tell people where they are going to be. You just have to be lucky enough to catch them.

They saw all sorts of cool stuff! Like dolphins!


Spanky says those are also not fish even if they look like fish. They are different not-fish than whales. So confusing! Why can't I just call them all fish? It would make things easier.

And then they saw a whale. Right by the boat!


Even though it's gray like me, it's called a blue whale. Blue whales are the biggest not-fish of all! Spanky says that they're the biggest mammals, too. When I asked him what a mammal was he told me that I was a mammal and so was Mommy and so was the Monster. Which is just silly. I don't look anything like the Monster! Also, I do not have fins like the not-fish (but I do have a tail).

Mommy also took some video of the whales and the dolphins. Since she was on the water, the camera goes up and down a lot but it's still pretty cool. You might also want to turn off the sound unless you want to hear Mommy and her sister talk about if the camera is on or not.



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Rita said...

The talking on the videos wasn't that bad, and it was neat that you can hear the whale. Another great post! :)