Friday, June 11, 2010

Dude! She did it again!!!

We've only posted like twice in the last couple of months and both posts were by Edmund. Edmund is cool and all but he's not the only cat here. I tried to tell her so I could post too, but oh no, she had papers to write and essays to grade and TGWWGA kept wanting to talk to her. Sheesh! What about us, huh? What about our blog?!?

Anyway, she's mostly done with school now. She still has some essays to grade and I'm doing my best to help her with them so that summer break can start (party!). Every time she opens the grade sheet, I hit some buttons for her. What student wouldn't want an R? Or maybe a Q? Everyone else want A's and B's and who wants to be like everyone else? Posers, that's who. She says the professor she's working for this quarter won't go for that kind of creativity but I don't know. Any guy who has his students watch Edward Scissorhands, Metropolis, and Akira sounds like someone who thinks outside the box to me.

Oh, I'm supposed to tell you that she's done taking classes. Apparently, she's not done with school just with the going to school part. Weird, I know, but that's what she says. It sounds like she'll be spending a lot more time around here for the next year studying for a big test. On one hand, that means she can scratch my ears more often and maybe I'll finally get to post more than once every few months. On the other hand, I'm not sure if less getting out of the house is what she needs. I'm pretty sure normal people go places.

Speaking of how weird my person is, last quarter she abandoned us to go to a science fiction conference. So what is she doing at the end of this quarter? Staying home and paying attention to me? No. Getting a life? Of course not. She's going to ANOTHER science fiction conference. That's right, two get-together's with other nerds in three months. There's really is no hope for her, is there?

At least she's taking TGWWGA with her this time. Wait, does that mean he's not TGWWGA anymore since he's going away? Whatever. I'm not changing the name now.

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