Friday, April 10, 2009

I Am All Worn Out

Oh wow! It's been awhile since I posted We've been super-busy the last few weeks. First, Mommy had to finish her classes for the quarter. There were books and papers everywhere! My favorite thing to do is sleep on student essays. Mommy is trying to teach me to sleep on only the good essays to make her grading go faster. But if it goes faster, what will I sleep on?

While I was helping Mommy hold down her books, the Monster's dad came to visit us. Two monsters! At the same time! O.o I hid under the bed. The only time I got to eat any dinner was when they all went out. Lucky for me, they went to lots of different places. I think they told Spanky about what they did but I'm not sure because I was back underneath the bed. The Monster's Dad tried to get me to come out so he could scratch my ears, but I was too smart to fall for that. Sneaky Monster's Dad....

After the Monster's Dad left, I spent lots of time following Mommy around and frolicking. Then her new quarter started and another, more different Monster came to stay with us. Dante checked him out and said that the new Monster is thinking about coming to school here and needed a place to stay while he looked at Mommy's school. Since this was only a temporary Monster, I decided I should be brave and go investigate him. First, I stood in the doorway (so I could run away quickly). Then, I stood next to the door. Then, I ran back and stood in the doorway again. Then, I hid behind Mommy. Then I stood under the desk. I had almost reached the new Monster when I remembered that Monsters are tricky! So I ran and hid under the bed. But I was still a very brave kitty!

Also, we have ants. I think they're fun to watch but Mommy does seem to be having as much fun as me. :/

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cleomarie said...

You think you're worn out now kitty, why don't you ask Mom and Dad what they're plotting. . . I'll give you a hint: Rhymes with goggy.