Friday, March 6, 2009

O Happy Day!

The Monster won't be home everyday anymore because he got a job! I have been frolicking all over the house since I heard the news. Now it will just me and Mommy and Dante (and Spanky) here during the day. Except for when Mommy has to go to school than it will just be us kitties.... :(

But no Monster! :D

Mommy says that the Monster is going to be working with people who have special needs. I didn't know they needed Monsters for that type of thing. What do you think he does? Maybe he scares away other monsters? He got the job offer a few days ago but he had to pass a TB test and a background test for it to be official. I'm not sure what those tests do but they must not test for monsterness because he passed.

Mommy is almost done with her quarter and then the Monster's dad is going to visit us. Monsters have dads?!?!

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