Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Welcome Polish readers!

It has recently come to my attention that an acquaintance of Jennifer's (who has commented on this blog previously) used "To Say Nothing of the Cat" as a reference to aid her own felines in a move of some distance. Jennifer tells me that the felines (and their humans) in question live in Poland. I had no idea we had such a far-flung readership! Although this is flattering in itself, I am pleased to hear that our musings about our journey were helpful to others. I can only hope that their humans did not engage in the same deceitfulness that Jennifer did during our journey. Judging from the two Polish felines previous comments, it seems that they have had some experience with "Valium." As their statements were generally positive, I must conclude that their human actually arranged for them to travel via a Valium and did not engage in the misleading tactics employed by Jennifer.

But I digress, I hope that my Polish readers (both feline and human) are settling in their new home and enjoying the sights and sounds of their new city.


Felinity said...

Migotka! Berni! The cats here are talking to you! ;-)

OK, they have other extremely important agenda (ZZZzzzzzz....) so I'll speak on their behalf.

No, dear, there was no valium involved. We used herbal device. And it had zero effect, both the desired or the side effects were not present at all.

Now that I think of it, it may have something to do with Berni's weight: 8 kg (17 lbs)...

Anyways, Berni spent the journey half-asleep, protesting from time to time about the captivity (we put him in a large transport box). When we arrived, he spent half a day behind a washing machine. And since then, he's really busy exploring. The latest hobby is opening the sliding door to a closet.

Migotka - she was angry to be kept in the transport box, but she made friends with the whole world just when we let her out. And she's OK with the new place, there is also food in it, so she's fine ;-)

The humans are also settling down, exploring the cultural and professional options that the capital city offers, and having fun!

Especially me - as I work from home, and I can keep an eye on me feline herd ALL DAY LONG! :)

Lots of tummy scratching to you!


Spanky said...

I take it you transported them by automobile as well? I refuse to believe that humans have no better means of travel available to them.

In any event, I am pleased to hear that everyone (both humans and felines) are enjoying their new home.