Friday, January 9, 2009

The Ground! It Moved!

Right in the middle of my evening nap we had an earthquake! Mommy says she thought the neighbors were moving furniture until she felt her chair move. It felt like a truck drove by the house and then there was big WHUMP! and it felt like the floor moved up and then down. I was super-scared when it happened but everyone is okay now. Spanky didn't like the ground moving either but he didn't hide under the bed with me. Mommy and the Monster seemed more excited than scared but I stayed under the bed until I was sure the ground had stopped moving. There was an aftershock about an hour later but it was over too fast for me to get under the bed again.

I like being a California kitty when there is Christmas on the beach but I'm not so sure I like it when there are earthquakes. Ground is supposed to stay still! How am I supposed to sleep on it if it moves around?

If you are brave enough to read about earthquakes, click here.

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