Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day of School

So my person started her Winter quarter today and she appears to have reached new depths of dorkiness. She tells me that she's taking a class on cyberculture AND one on speculative fiction (which I think is just an academic way of saying sci-fi). Srsly? She might as well get a shirt that says she's a dork.

I just remembered that she already does have a shirt that says "Geek is Chic." *rolls eyes*

I mean, don't get me wrong, I like her and everything but would it kill her to be, you know, normal once and awhile? She apparently even tells her students that she plays World of Warcraft! According to her, her students love it when she does that. Maybe the problem is that all humans are dorks.

She seems to be excited about her new classes and says that her students are pretty cool, so that's good I guess. She's teaching the same class she taught last quarter which means that she'll have more time to scratch my ears since she has less lesson planning to do. Perhaps I can sleep on her dorky books and she'll be forced to do something cool instead of reading. Like making me tuna. Or cream. Or maybe tuna and cream! Alright, gotta go pester her about that now.



Felinity said...

Geek IS chic - I strongly believe it :-)

Say "Good luck!" to your person - may her winter quarter be easy and enjoyable (the subjects seem really interesting!)

All the best from Berni, Migotka and their person - Feli :)

Dante said...

>< Don't say that. You'll just encourage her.

Editor said...

Thanks Feli (and company)! Digital culture and sci-fi/fantasy are two of my major research interests, so I'm really excited to take classes that focus on them.

Dante said...

See? *sighs*

Felinity said...

Dante - and what subjects would you take? :D

Spanky said...

I think your question has hit home, my dear- my feline companion has spent the last few days sulking. If I were to design a curriculum for him it would include "Respecting Your Elders 101" and "Minding Your Manners."

Felinity said...

Are you planning to be his teacher, Spanky?