Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just checked the dates and we haven't posted since September 1st. September 1st!!! That's lot of months! That's ridiculous! Esp. since my person and TGWWGA actually did stuff. Some of it was even cool! Well, sort of cool. As cool as they're ever gonna get. *sigh*

Well, to be totally honest, they did stuff until my person's quarter started. Apparently she took really hard classes and had a lot of work to do for school. I didn't believe her at first. What could be more important than paying attention to me? But look at all those books! There's like a million of them! She ran out of room on her bookcase and had to start stacking them on the floor. Some of those stacks are almost as big as me! And if that wasn't bad enough, she took over the computer too! Personally, I think her teachers would've understood if she'd scratched my ears instead of writing papers, but you know how humans can be about paperwork. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, my person has promised us that we will be able to post more this quarter. I told her if she doesn't, I will totally get Edmund to puke on the bed.


Felinity said...

Yes, WE - WANT - MORE! Here in Poland we have a full house and a little bit of chaos - with the little baby Maciek and one cat on a diet (Berni) - one cat with cool attitude to all these changes (Migotka) ;-) Anyway, take care of your cats and remember that books don't purr, so skip them for a while ;-)

Jennifer said...

Wait, you two had a baby?!? How did I miss that? Congratulations!

Felinity said...

Yes, you MISSED that - see how damaging to your social life reading too much can be? Your cats are right ;-)

PS. Here's our little prince ("The Fourth King" - as he was born on 6th January) -

Jennifer said... cute! I love his little bear blanket. Thank you for sharing and congratulations again!