Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It Must be Genetic

Given how cool our last guest was, I was really excited to hear that my person's sister was coming to visit. Not only is she not a grad student, she lived in Japan for six months. She even said she'd cook Japanese food for us. How cool is that?!

Her visit started off pretty promising. They all went to a Tiki bar in N. Hollywood and stayed out until like 2 in the morning. Even though I didn't get to go, at least my person finally went out on the town in L.A. The next day was pretty quiet. Which was fine because someone needed to scratch my ears and I wasn't about to let TGWWGA do it. But things started to go downhill after that. On Monday, they did go get drinks at a swanky bar in town but before that they went to a garden. A very educational garden that had lots of cactuses and stuff. What is it with these people and going to educational parks? They already know how to open a tuna can. What else could there possibly be to learn? Especially about cactus!

They said they were going shopping the next day which got my hopes up, but did they shop for something cool? Oh no. They went to used bookstores. That's right. More than one. Just what my person needs: more books. >< My person and TGWWGA took her out to karaoke that day, too, but they manged to find they only one that didn't serve alcohol. They said they had a good time, but I'm pretty sure that cool people aren't sober when they're singing karaoke.

Her last day here, they decided to go the beach. Finally! A normal California thing to do. They even took their bathing suits with them. Turns out, though, that the real reason they went to Laguna Beach was to go to an art exhibit about that World of Warcraft game they're always playing. They did go walk along the beach, but they didn't even put on their suits. I can understand not wanting to get wet, but it was a beautiful, sunny California day at the beach and they spent most of it at an art museum! How much dorkier can you get? My person wanted me to post a WoW picture to go along with this entry, but I'm not gonna. Someone has to draw the line.

My person's parents are coming to visit next week but seeing how both of their children are dorks, they probably are too. *rolls eyes*

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