Thursday, April 22, 2010


This time Mommy left us but she didn't take the Monster with her. Instead she left us home alone with HIM!!! I hid under the bed a lot.

Even though I totally would've fit in Mommy's suitcase (she didn't need all those clothes, anyway), it's probably a good thing I didn't go. I thought she was just going to go to a nice hotel and meet nice people and have a nice time. She did that too, but while she was there she went with some of her friends to some place called Gatorland. Why?! Look at those teeth! They're huge!


Dante says that isn't really a gator, it's just a pretend gator mouth. But still! Big pointy teeth! I'm staying under the bed.

Anyway, I guess Gatorland has been around for like 50 years as a place where people come see alligators (gators is another word for alligator). 50 years is a long time! That's like a million years in cat years!

And it's full of alligators! Look!


Don't let those birds standing right by the gator fool you into thinking it's safe. Birds have wings. Kitties do not. Also, gators like water. They practically live in it! That's a bad sign right there.

There are even little bitty gators there. I might be able to beat up one of them (I have claws!), but there's like a million of them with a gazillion sharp little teeth!


While they were there, Mommy and her friends saw an alligator wrestling show. That's right. People actually wrestle alligators. Why would you do something like that?!? Mommy was smart and stayed on the other side of a railing and took pictures.


This just proves that Monsters are crazy. I don't care what Spanky says. They even taught the gators to jump up out of the water for food! O.o


This just has bad idea written all over it.

There's also a petting zoo at Gatorland that has deer and goats and stuff. I'm not sure if I like goats, but they seem nicer than gators. Less teeth. One of the deer did eat Mommy's friend's map, though. I didn't know maps were edible.


Mommy says she had fun, but I don't know. Wouldn't it have been even more fun to stay at the hotel and take a nap? Or even better, to stay at home and scratch my ears?

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