Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

February 10th was my birthday! I am now 4 years old! That makes me a big kitty! Mommy says it was also the Monster's birthday so I had to share my cake with him. I didn't know Monster's ate cake....

I got a new toy for my birthday and Dante and I had lots of fun playing with it on the stairs. We tried to get Mommy to play with us but she said something about not tripping people at the top of the stairs. The Monster is also getting a toy from Mommy and the Two Nice Ladies Who Scratch My Ears. I asked Spanky what kind of toy and he said it was a model of the Monster's World of Warcraft character. When I asked Spanky what a "World of Warcraft" was he just rolled his eyes and said it was "the time sink of the gods."

Cake and toys! Next the Monster will want some of my food! O.o

Do you think I could play with the Monster's toy when he's not looking?

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